The methodology of this project is based on the establishment of a series of work packages (WP) associated with the objectives of the project. Each WP is divided into a series of tasks whose achievement will result in a deliverable document that reflectsJthe results obtained. The different WP are described below. As additional information, the start and end dates and the acronyms of the participants are specified in each WP. The acronyms of each of the members of the research team are reflected in Table 1.

Table 1: Project participants
Research Team
Researcher Acronym
Víctor F. Muñoz Martínez (IP1) VFMM
Ricardo Vázquez Martín (IP2) RVM
Isabel García Morales IGM
Antonio Jesús Reina Terol AJRT
Irene Rivas Blanco IRB
Enrique Bauzano Núñez EBN
Alfredo Burrieza Muñiz
Work Team
Researcher Acronym
Marcos Rollón Rivas MRR
Carlos Aguilera Ventura CAV
Francisco Lavado Rodríguez FLR
Alejandro Barranco Roldán ABR
Contract CON